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Voodoo Love Song

Boy meets duck, boy loses duck, boy finds girl.

At Disney World, Paul is picked up by a five-foot duck named Huey. Duckness proves to be skin deep, however, for Huey the Duck is really Huey the Girl, an attractive young woman who leads Paul astray and into a very different world — one of pirates, pythons and panthers, voodoo, men who have passed through the earth twice, and things that go bump in the Caribbean night.

Is Huey something more than the free spirit she professes to be?

Voodoo Love Song is a tale of romance and misadventures on a beautiful but mysterious Caribbean island.  If you like the witty banter of Nick and Nora Charles, the laid-back humor of Jimmy Buffett, and the wacky story-telling of Carl Hiaasen, this one’s for you. Read it while lying on a tropical beach, piña colada in hand.

 The print version is available here.   Various electronic versions are now available for  Kindle, Nook and other readers here.


Richard Daybell has made the endearing assumption that his readers are intelligent and curious. From the very first chapter heading to the last period on the last page, his novel entertains without a single lapse. The attention to detail is perfect, not overly much nor less than necessary. Not one scene felt contrived; some passages provoked unanticipated laughter.

I knew his characters and recognized their personalities. I was particularly impressed by his ability to capture, effectively, the essence of young people. The children are charming and lovable, his villains are despicable, and the  protagonists are just like us. (They may not be just like you but trust me when I tell you Huey is just like me and in many ways so is Paul.)

The story begins at Disney World and the adventure blasts to Key West on a train where it slips through a sultry day on a boat to an island of intrigue and excitement. I was inspired to loathing, dread, and violence as well as concern, amusement, and anxiety in all the right places. The sex was incredible, just exactly what I had hoped it would be. With a few well-chosen words Mr. Daybell created desire, without pornography, and romance sans gushing sentiment.

“Voodoo Love Song” is a delightful vacation from this boring, demanding, day to day world to a place that is breathlessly alive. Richard Daybell’s novel is freshly reminiscent of Russell Banks and Carl Hiaasen novels. The book is available at Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback formats. The paperback edition is Made in the U.S.A. There are obvious nuggets that will appeal to Harry Belafonte fans.

As readers of this blog are well aware- I won’t read books that are not captivating. I won’t hesitate to stop halfway through. A book is not a commitment; it is entertainment. — Elroy Jones, Elroy Jones Blog

This has got it all.  Great characters, sparkling dialogue, suspense, mystery, humour, exotic locations, and the wonderful free-spirited Huey.  What a creation she is, and where can I get me one? – Patrick Fox, Trinity

Ten chapters in and it’s as brilliant as the first chapter. Rapier wit, utterly amazing dialogue, and some of the most engaging characters I’ve ever read. I fell in love with Huey before she took her first drag off that cigarette. You know, your writing reminds me of another awesome Floridian (not saying you’re from Florida, but, you know, locale and all), Tim Dorsey. You blend thriller and comedy so well that I actually hate you (just a tiny bit) for your talent in that arena.  And now I will return and find out what happens after the old seafarer reaches for Huey, and what else Paul finds on the boat. Maybe a body. Howie’s body? With a thousand things to do, I don’t think there’s anywhere I’d rather be than right here, reading this. – Gerald Johnston, Write Way, Wrong Way

Humor is a place where most fiction writers fall flat on their faces, but in Voodoo Love Song, Daybell triumphs. I had a smirk on my face through much of the book and even laughed out loud a few times. The dialogue is witty, flirtatious, and just fun all around. The protagonists are likable and entirely believable as people, even as their predicaments become increasingly more absurd. The book gains momentum as it progresses, and the reader might be forced to read the last half in a single sitting. Think Christopher Moore with sharper, edgier dialogue or a more wholesome, less abstract Tom Robbins.  — Bob, Goodreads

Voodoo Love Song starts out as a fun, lighthearted almost-romance between Paul and Huey (not her real name), with hints of mysterious goings-on in the background. By the end, it’s an action-packed and suspenseful thriller. This is a very quick read but it’s tremendous fun with colourful characters, a lush Caribbean setting, and just a hint of voodoo magic. Just the sort of thing to read on the plane to your own tropical island (although I read it on a rainy evening in England, which also works). — Rachel Cotterill, Rachel Cotterill Books

 I was hooked from the very first paragraph.  The banter between Huey and Paul kept me in stitches.  I really couldn’t help but fall in love with them.  The story itself was thrilling and just plain fun. – Dawn Judd, Breakout Books

Read a bit.

4 comments on “Voodoo Love Song

  1. mymarriageruinsyours
    February 1, 2012

    In other words… I LOVE IT.


  2. mymarriageruinsyours
    February 1, 2012

    Firstly, a story about a gender-confused duck set in Key West? Clearly, this is a thinly disguised parable about gay marriage. Don’t try to deny it. Your defensiveness is telling.

    Secondly, I cannot possibly support either of the cover art options because the silhouettes of “hot chicks” clearly constitute a paltry attempt to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Therefore, I voted “neither” and achieved yet another critical milestone in my plan to destroy traditional marriage.

    I have opted to follow this blog in order to know mine enemy.


    • Richard Daybell
      February 2, 2012

      And you’ve just taken the most important action you can take in order to blend in with the breeders. Mittnewt and I will be watching you as well. The battle is joined.


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