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An excerpt from Terry and the Pirate

Terry has decided to leave Booby Bay and return home.  He catches a small plane and heads toward Martinique with Tommy the laid-back pilot and a middle-aged couple.  After the plane takes off, he realizes he can’t leave:

“I can’t go to Martinique,” said Terry, suddenly.

“Beg pardon,” said Tommy.

“I can’t go. I have to go to Soleil.”

“I’m sorry. But I can’t turn back at this point.”

“Can you land this thing on Soleil?” Terry asked.

“Why is he talking like that?” said Wanda. “Don’t let him talk that way, Herbert.”

“No way,” said Tommy. “There’s nowhere to land.”

Terry thought for a moment, pushing aside his feelings of foreboding. “Can you fly very low over the water and slow enough so that I can jump?”

“He’s crazy, Herbert,” said Wanda.

“I could get low,” said Tommy, “but anything less than sixty and we’ll stall.”

“Then I’ll jump at sixty.”

“My God, Herbert. He’s a maniac. He’s escaped from one of those asylum places. Do something.”

“You’ll just kill yourself,” said Tommy.

“Don’t let them slow down, Herbert. We’ll all be killed. We’ll drop into the ocean and drown.”

“Maybe I will,” said Terry. “But I’ve got to try.”

“Look, Terry. Why don’t you go on to Martinique, then just fly back. Chances are you’ll be back by tomorrow morning.”

“There isn’t enough time,” said Terry. “I don’t like to be nasty but if you don’t do it, I’ll start pushing buttons and pulling levers.”

“Herbert, don’t let them. Kill him, Herbert. Kill him.”

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