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Terry and the Pirate

TERRYCOVERjune13The last pirates were hanged in 1832.  At least that’s what history tells us. And that’s what Terry had no reason to doubt before he washed up on a remote Caribbean Island in front of the Booby Bay Cafe and found himself caught up in a cockeyed twentieth century pirate adventure.

Terry and the Pirate traces his idyllic days in an island paradise where he is befriended by Albert Lafitte, the amiable proprietor of the cafe (“Our wallet did float in with us, did it not?”), beguiled by the beautiful Remy (“May I ask how long you’re going to stare at my breasts?”), nearly killed by her jealous suitors (“Hangin’ be a proper death.  Or how abouts we shoot ‘im?”), and finally lured into the ways of piracy.

When Albert’s cafe and sailing ship are nearly destroyed by the evil Murchison Keyes, Albert sinks into a deep Gallic depression, and Remy, Terry and the other Booby Bay irregulars set out to avenge him.  The brave but maladroit buccaneers restore Albert’s sailing ship, hoist the pirate flag and sail into misadventure amid romance, danger and plenty of gratuitous swashbuckling. 

Amazon reader review:

Enjoy the sensual West Indies without leaving the comfort of your reading chair. What a fun story…laugh out-loud enjoyable.

Terry and the Pirate has quite the cast of characters…dreamers, lovers (actual and would-be), scalawags, filthy rogues, pirates (sort of…), an opinionated and wonderfully obnoxious Frenchman (nobody swears with such finesse as a Frenchman), a poetry reciting ex-pat (you’ll never read “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” the same way again). Even the US Navy makes an appearance.

Mon Dieu…a fun swashbuckling tale of love, honor, treasure hunting, revenge, and redemption.

So, do yourself a favor…buy the book. You won’t regret it. Quoting one of the characters:

“Are we gonna do some pirating’ or are we gonna jabber all day long?.”

Amazon reader review:

This was a great read. It really captured the essence of it’s island setting. How can you go wrong with a story about danger in the tropics with a beautiful woman at the center of it. This book would be the perfect travel companion for anyone traveling to an island port of call to escape the world.

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