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Stone Cold Dead in de Market from Calypso, Stories of the Caribbean

Upton Swann sat all alone on the ornate cast iron love seat that had been painted white sometime in the distant past, shaded by a spreading Poinciana, surrounded by chattering merchants with piles of bananas to the right, piles of coconuts to the left — fruits, vegetables, fish and tourists everywhere.  Activity swirled around him, but he didn’t seem to care.  It was noon.  He’d been sitting there since 7 a.m.

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An excerpt from Voodoo Love Song

Paul wasn’t sure, but the five-foot duck waddling through the throngs of laughing, crying, shouting, whining children appeared to be waddling toward him – a duck with a destination and, perhaps, a mission.  Chances are it had spotted him scowling in a land where grinning is the norm, and it, by God, meant to do something about it.

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An excerpt from Terry and the Pirate

Terry has decided to leave Booby Bay and return home.  He catches a small plane and heads toward Martinique with Tommy the laid-back pilot and a middle-aged couple.  After the plane takes off, he realizes he can’t leave.

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Naughty Marietta from Naughty Marietta and Other Stories

It was Tuesday –and, believe it or not, a dark and stormy night — a month ago tomorrow that Corey announced she was going to write a romance novel.  “I’ve read them, and I can write them as good as anything I’ve read,” she said.

“As well,” I replied.

“What?”  She glared at me.

“But you’re the writer,” I hastily added.  “And I applaud your effort.”

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