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Richard Daybell – Novels, stories and short humor

About Richard Daybell

Richard Daybell has been a writer/editor for most of his adult life, working at various times for a public library, a multinational corporation, a university, and state government. With his wife Linda, he also spent seven years as owner/chef of Churchill House Inn, a nine-room country inn in central Vermont.

His short stories and short humor have appeared in regional, national and international commercial publications including American Way and Hemispheres, the inflight magazines for American Airlines and United Airlines, The New York Times, Buffalo Spree, Salt Lake City Magazine, and Tampa Tribune Fiction Quarterly as well as such literary magazines as Rosebud and Dandelion.  Several of these stories appear in the collection Calypso: Stories of the Caribbean.  A humorous novel Voodoo Love Song was released in April 2012.

Richard and Linda are now living in Lincoln, Vermont, in the Green Mountains where Richard continues to write.


3 comments on “About Richard Daybell

  1. bravesmartbold
    September 26, 2012

    I like the titles of your books. They’re so very not Vermont.


    • Richard Daybell
      September 26, 2012

      Not Vermont on the inside either, I’m afraid. Are they brave, smart or bold? If I’m lucky, one out of three.


  2. Iggy
    January 2, 2019

    I just got through watching the Wevers. And, I only recognize Flash Gordon in the “about Richard” page. Rocky Horror Picture Show…. the time warp has me in it’s spell. So, right this minute it is 2:41PM in Salt lake City on Jan, 2, 2019. I still bow to the writing prowess of Richard Daybell, plus my ultimate admiration to his wife Linda who has suffered lo these many years. And please don’t inspect my grammar (should be spelled grammer) or written word. Just know that in this world, we need to value a talent such as this.


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