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I Fell to Pieces and So Did the Republicans

Last night’s movie wasn’t actually a movie; it was a retrospective on the career of the legendary Patsy Cline.  It was only an hour long but it had me falling to pieces over original clips of her singing Walkin’ After Midnight, San Antonio Rose, Lovesick Blues, Crazy and oh the list goes on.

The Patsy Cline Story

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Folks who have heard me express certain opinions about country music in the past may wonder at my appreciation of Patsy Cline.  I could say she transcends the country-western genre or some other such twaddle.  Or not.  I see a difference between country-western which I still mostly don’t like and cowboy music which I do.  (In reality, it may be that if I like it I call it cowboy music, but I have a right to my little delusions).

And so do the Republicans, I guess.  While I was falling apart watching Patsy Cline, they appeared to be falling apart everywhere else.  Mitt Romney whined his way to a win in Michigan.  He blunted, for the time being anyway, Rick Santorum’s momentum, by crying that the other kids were not playing fair by using the same dirty tricks that he used in earlier primaries and that are standard operating procedure for Republican candidates everywhere.

Romney also cleaned up in Arizona, winning all the delegates there.  But they don’t count because Arizona was naughty.  And Republicans everywhere are starting to lament the fact that they even have primaries.  Quick coronations are so much tidier.

The fact that Santorum is challenging the frontrunner in the first place says a lot.  Here’s a man who is against all earthly things (including the Earth): education, sex, science, gays, contraception, Twinkies, you name it.  These guys are all running around accusing each other of not being real conservatives.  Romney isn’t one because he wasn’t born one.  Santorum isn’t because he once smiled at a fellow Republican who didn’t toe the reactionary line.  By today’s yardstick, Reagan and Goldwater were downright radical.

The road to Hell is, of course, paved with liberals and progressives.  But now even moderation is a sin. And speaking of moderation, another RINO, someone with a little character whose refuses to dance when the tea party types shoot at her feet, is heading off into the Maine sunset.  Quick, close the flaps of that great big tent they used to talk about.  So long, Olympia Snowe.  Let’s go get Richard Lugar and Lindsay Graham.

We sure could use a good singing cowboy right about now.  I got a feelin’ called the blu-ues, oh Lawd.

And Where’s Newt?

Can you find Newt before he jumps out from behind a rock and yells “Gotcha”?

5 comments on “I Fell to Pieces and So Did the Republicans

  1. Craig Dunford
    February 29, 2012

    Let’s see … stripes made him look fat. Must admit, he looks thin in there. About the same as Republican chances to get Obama out.
    Remember “This land is your land” … as close to a cowboy song as I could take. I think the beer made it special.
    Another Daybell groopie,


  2. elroyjones
    March 1, 2012

    Cowboy Junkies do a great rendition of Walkin’ After Midnight.

    Even LePage said he’d like to see a fresh face in the race.

    Angus may take a shot at Olympia’s seat, I hope so.


  3. R.Wallin (as above).
    March 6, 2012

    Brother Daybell, I must agree with the cowboy song – in fact I bring up Willie’s “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” to cheer me up after the GOP Quartet weakens my will to not break things. I also have found playing “We Shall Overcome” on my banjo helps. Pray for common sense. Hoot Wallin (with a Gibson).


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