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So Sarah Palin Walks into a Bar

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Blogger meremention (meremention.wordpress.com) commented on the previous post: “You had me laughing out loud at the mention of Sarah Palin. ”

Well, that gave me  a Eureka moment — you know, like the Fountain of Youth, Penicillin, electricity.   I’ve discovered how to guarantee  laughter among adults.  (I went to the Patent Office before writing this, so it’s mine alone, guys.)  We’ve long known that anything to do with underpants will cause the under-ten crowd to laugh so hard they’ll pee theirs.  And farting is a no-brainer for amusing teenage boys.   But that adult crowd — so hard to get even a smirk — has been elusive.  Until now.  So here goes.  Better hold on to something.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin bragged: “I know all the state capitals.  Go ahead ask me one.”  The interviewer said: “O.K. Wisconsin.”  “That’s easy,” Sarah replied. “W.”

Sarah Palin took up meditation.  She said it was better than sitting doing nothing.

Sarah Palin went to the movies and they said: “Under 17 not admitted.”  So she went home and got 16 friends.

Sarah Palin doesn’t make chocolate chip cookies because it takes too long to peel the M&Ms.

Sarah Palin tried to dial 911 but she couldn’t find the 11.

Sarah Palin went to the department store to return a scarf.  She said it was too tight.

A priest, a rabbi and Sarah Palin were playing golf . . .

What do you have if you have Sarah Palin up to her neck in sand?

Take Sarah Palin.  Please.

Post script: Have you voted for a cover?

3 comments on “So Sarah Palin Walks into a Bar

  1. Kenton Lewis
    February 5, 2012

    Obama was asked how many states are there? He said 52
    What was the last state admitted to the union? Kenya.
    Obama was asked what is the difference between a corpsmen and a man’s corpse? He said, “There’s a difference.”
    What do Palin and Obama have in common? They both like men.


  2. Snivelinjack
    February 6, 2012

    Tell you what—Sarah Palin can put her shoes under my bed anytime she wants !


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