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Available Now

Electronic versions available now.  Print version available July 1. . Pirates in the Caribbean?  That’s just the stuff of movies or amusement park rides. At least that’s what Terry thought … Continue reading

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Boy meets duck . . .

. . .boy loses duck, boy finds girl. At Disney World, Paul is picked up by a five-foot duck named Huey. Duckness proves to be skin deep, however, for Huey … Continue reading

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Love and Loss, Sex and Skullduggery . . .

. . . conquests, failures, foibles – these are the elements of calypso, the stories in song that personify the islands of the West Indies. Calypso: Stories of the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Man the Tomatoes, Full Speed Ahead

It’s a battlefield out there. Each morning I prepare my weaponry and fortify myself to better face the enemy.  Then it’s out into the morning mist, bellying my way through … Continue reading

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It Followed Me Home. Can I keep it?

This post is a golden oldie that first appeared in 2011. Linda brings home strays.  It’s become a tradition.  Vinny the Cat was one.  A long-haired bully from the streets … Continue reading

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Politics As Unusual

By the time my brief escape from the April cruelty of Vermont has ended, three or more contenders will probably have declared their intention to run for the Republican Presidential … Continue reading

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Oh, Where Has Wretched Richard Gone

A couple of folks have expressed dismay (dismay is probably a strong word) that Wretched Richard’s Almanac is no longer appearing in their e-mails.  This is the result of technology … Continue reading

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All Day, All Night, Marianne, Part IV: The Fat Lady Sings

When he heard movement on the balcony above, Roberto pointed the little flashlight at Toussaint’s script and cleared his throat. Toussaint did not hear the creaking of the balcony, but … Continue reading

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