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Boy meets duck . . .

. . .boy loses duck, boy finds girl. At Disney World, Paul is picked up by a five-foot duck named Huey. Duckness proves to be skin deep, however, for Huey … Continue reading

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I Fell in Love with Marietta . . .

I fell in love with Marietta that week. Marietta was beautiful, sensitive, vulnerable. Her silken hair wafted in an eternal breeze. Her diaphanous gowns clung to her supple torso. She … Continue reading

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Love and Loss, Sex and Skullduggery . . .

. . . conquests, failures, foibles – these are the elements of calypso, the stories in song that personify the islands of the West Indies. Calypso: Stories of the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Almanac December 22, 1864: Georgia on His Mind

A tie might have been more appropriate. But it was 1864, the country was locked in a nasty civil war and the Christmas spirit was wearing a little thin.  Read … Continue reading

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Angelique-o — Part III

  Having seen Grandpa Nathan only at breakfast and dinner for two days, the others were not as shocked as they might have been when, on the third, Joey came … Continue reading

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Almanac December 21, 1946: Don’t You Know Me, Bert? Ernie?

Frank Capra said that it was his favorite of the many movies he made throughout a phenomenal career. Read more.

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Angelique-o — Part II

Maybe she could pass a really big chicken off as a small turkey. Last Saturday, they had touched down to sun and warmth still holding the coats they’d had to … Continue reading

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